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Nobody Does It Like Town Fair Tire

Did you know that Town Fair Tire has

   • Been in business over 40 years

   • Over 85 stores and growing

   • Largest selection of tires

   • We carry all brands-all sizes

At Town Fair Tire our main business is the sales and installation of tires. We have the knowledge and expertise to take care of all your tire needs.

Nobody Does It Like Town Fair Tire

We stock all major brands of tires

including: Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone, BF Goodrich, Uniroyal, Dunlop, Firstone, Kelly, Toyo, Yokohama, Nankang, Kumho, Mastercraft and more.
We stock all major brands of tires

To help you maintain your tires

we offer our customers the best free tire maintenance program in the country!

   • FREE Professional Tire Mounting on state of the art tire changing equipment.

   • FREE Flat Tire Repair - We don't plug tires, we patch them internally to make for a permanent repair.

   • FREE Tire Rotation- to help ensure your tires get the longest treadwear possible.

   • FREE Front End Alignment- with any tire purchase using the latest Hunter Alignment equipment.

   • FREE Nationwide Warranty- No matter where your at if you have a tire problem we want to help.

To help you maintain your tires

Before you go on your next trip...

   • Inflate all 4 tires and your spare to proper air pressure located in your owners manual.

   • Check for signs of cracking, uneven or irregular tread wear.

   • Measure tread depth of each tire to be sure they are above minimum safety requirements of 2/32nds of an inch.

Before you go on your next trip
Or stop into your local Town Fair Tire and we'll check your tires conditions for free!

According to Car Care Council Statistics:

   • Only 14% of drivers check their air pressure on a regular basis.

   • Nearly 70% of drivers don't know how to tell if their tires need replacing.

   • And 55% of drivers go on a trip with a fully loaded vehicle not knowing that their tires are underinflated.

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