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Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015

On Road/Off Road All-Terrain Tire


The Geolandar A/T G015 is an innovative All-Terrain tire, engineered for durability.  This tire delivers outstanding traction both on road and off road, and in any weather condition including snow. 


Features and Benefits:


Enduro Compound

Unique tread compound formulated with Orange Oil and special polymers that resist wear providing longer tread mileage.  The compound is also optimized to promote off-road durability and cut/chip resistance


Triple 3D Sipes

Help to retain block stiffness for a longer and more even tread wear.  Also, changing shape as the tread wears to maintain biting edges for confident all-season traction.


Circumferential Grooves

Expel water from beneath the tread to help prevent hydroplaning.


Edgetec Grooves

Create more biting edges for traction in snow.  Also, create more “void” area to help expel dirt and mud.


Sidewall Protectors and Full Nylon Cover

Fight off sidewall cuts and abrasions, as well as provide extra puncture resistance in the tread area.


Endurocore Construction

Load Range E-sizes, the casing has been optimized to deliver added durability for vehicles that carry heavy loads.

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