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The Guaranteed Low Price Policy

Huge Buying Power

Our Huge buying power allows us to pass along savings to the consumer.

Best Prices

We shop the competition and our prices can't be beat.

We Beat All Competitors!

Don't drive around comparing prices. We promise to beat all competitors (with like services). GUARANTEED! This is our price promise to you.

Shopping around on the internet? Have you found a lower tire price and want to see how we compare? Submit a competitors price and we will beat it.

Huge Buying Power
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30 Day Test Drive

Try Them Out

Purchasing tires is a long term investment. Town Fair Tire wants you to be happy with your purchase. Try them for 30 days - if you are not happy for any reason bring them back and we will exchange them for any tire of your choice. We will refund you the difference if the new tires cost less or you only pay the difference if the new tires cost more.

(Excludes special order tires.)

30 Day Test Drive
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The Town Fair Tire Credit Card

At Town Fair Tire, we always want to take care of your tire
and service needs. By becoming an exclusive Town Fair
Tire credit cardholder, you have a dedicated line of credit
just for your car or truck, plus these benefits:

• No annual fee

• Stress-free financing with low monthly payments

• Easy application process

• Accepted at all Town Fair Tire locations.

You can easily apply for your Town Fair Tire credit card online through Credit First National Association, or you can visit the Town Fair Tire store location nearest you for an application and additional financing details. See the nearest Town Fair Tire for application and additional details.

$299 Minimum purchase required. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the purchase balance is not paid in full within 6 months or if you make a late payment.
*MINIMUM MONTHLY PAYMENTS REQUIRED. Applicable to purchases made January 1 through December 31, 2016. APR: 22.8%. Minimum Finance Charge: $1.00. CFNA reserves the right to change APR, fees and other terms unilaterally.

Apply today. CFNA is the bank behind your automotive credit card.
Use the power of the card
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Lifetime Free Tire Maintenance - On Any Car You Own

Free Tire Maintenance

Free Flat Repair

Town Fair Tire has been offering free flat repair for over 40 years. Repairing flat tires has evolved over the years and the Rubber Manufacturer Association along with every tire manufacturer now recommends repairing the tire internally. The days of plugging tires are long gone!

Town Fair Tire repairs every tire by dismounting the tire, fully inspecting the inside of the tire for any damage, and then we repair the tire using a patch/plug combination repair. This service is done free of charge.

Free Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is another free service that we have been offering our customers for over 40 years. A customer who purchases tires from any Town Fair Tire store can have the tires rotated on that vehicle or on any vehicle they own for free! We will do a complete four tire safety inspection of the vehicle, the tires will be measured to make sure they are not wearing prematurely due to the vehicle being out of alignment and the air pressure will be checked to make sure they are at the vehicle manufacturer recommendations.

The customer who comes into our stores to have the tires rotated is concerned about the maintenance of the tires and the vehicle. The safety inspection that we perform will assist our customers in achieving the maximum performance of the tires and their vehicle.

Free Snow Tire Changeover

This is another free service that Town Fair Tire has been offering for many years. If the snow tires are installed on winter wheels we will remove the regular tires and install the snows on the vehicle at no charge to the customer.
If the customer comes in with a set of snow tires not mounted on wheels we will dismount the regular tires off the wheels and remount the snow tires on the same wheels at no charge to the customer.
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90 Day Free Replacement Road Hazard Guarantee

Now This Is A Guarantee!

For the first 90 days you own your tires, if a tire loses air or goes flat, we will repair it FREE!

If it can not be repaired we, will replace it FREE!

THAT'S RIGHT! If the tire has legal tread and is unrepairable, we will REPLACE THE TIRE FOR FREE!

(Available on selected tires - see store for details.)
Town Fair Tire Road Hazard Guarantee
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Free Front Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment - The No Surprise Add-Ons to Your Invoice Free Front Wheel Alignment

An alignment program second to none!

The alignment is FREE with any tire purchase - we don't sell or install front end parts so you will never get any add-on to your invoice.

If you need parts we will let you know - you can take the vehicle to your mechanic, have the parts installed and we will do the alignment again absolutely free of any charge!

Town Fair Tire uses State Of The Art equipment and all of our technicians are Hunter Certified.

We will give you a printout showing you before and after readings. Our technicians will align every vehicle to manufacturer specifications.

FREE with any tire purchase - No add-ons to your invoice - Now that is an alignment program that can't be beat!

Town Fair Tire Free Front Wheel Alignment
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Town Fair Tire Exclusive Triple Protection Iron Clad - No Hassle Guarantee "THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS"


There is no time limit or mileage limit. We will warranty the tire anywhere in the U.S.A.
ROAD HAZARD - YOU'RE COVERED (selected tires)

If anything should happen to the tire due to a road hazard (glass, curbs, stones, potholes, etc.) We will, at our option, repair the tire at no charge or replace the tire. You pay based on the warranty as noted on the front of the invoice.

(1) With Proper Care
Manufacturers required tire rotations, proper inflation and regular alignments as indicated in your owners manual. Tires guaranteed from 35,000 - 80,000 miles.

(2) Town Fair Tire Exclusive
At Town Fair Tire you're covered regardless of uneven wear, unbalanced tire or mis-alignment! No Exclusions!
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After Purchase Price Protection

After Purchase Price Protection

Our Promise To You

The Guaranteed Lowest Price After the Sale! We want you to feel comfortable about buying tires at Town Fair Tire and we don't want you to second guess whether or not you got a good price for the tires you bought. Town Fair Tire is so sure our prices are the lowest that we will guarantee it for up to 90 days after the sale. Our money back guarantee protects you from buying tires at a Town Fair Tire store and then finding them cheaper somewhere else.

Money Back Guarantee

If a competitor advertises your new tires at a lower price (with like services) bring it to our attention and we will BEAT their price!
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Town Fair Tire's Pledge

To Offer You a Tire With These Things In Mind

   • SAFETY - in all types of driving conditions

   • MILEAGE - to provide maximum mileage

   • HANDLING - a tire that handles and feels good to drive on

   • THE GREAT GUARANTEE - if the tires fails will I be covered?

   • AT A GREAT PRICE - the best tire at the best price!

Town Fair Tire's Pledge Is To Offer You The Safest, Longest Wearing,
Nice Handling, Best Guaranteed Tire At A Price That Can't Be Beat.
Town Fair Tire's Pledge
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