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 Why Buy A Winter Package From Us? 

Shopping for winter tires and wheels online can be very confusing. First you have extra costs for shipping, lugs and locks. Then there are more costs like installation, balancing, alignment and TPMS reset fees. By the time you pay for all the extra's your great deal just got thrown out the window. .

Consider the costs:

Internet Company
Shipping 4-tires/wheels: $80 - $110
Lug Nuts & Locks: $49
Installation 2 times per year: $100 ($50x2)
Alignment: $99
Total cost (4 seasons):$1,072 - $1,102

Town Fair Tire
Shipping 4-tires/wheels: FREE
Lug Nuts & Locks: FREE
Installation 2 times per year: FREE
Front Wheel Alignment: FREE
Total cost (4 seasons): FREE

Town Fair Tire
Flat Tire Repair: FREE
Tire Rotation: FREE
Snow Tire Changeover: FREE
Nationwide Warranties: FREE
Fitment Guarantee: FREE

And what happens if you have a problem? Who do you complain to, the internet company or the local garage? Well, at Town Fair Tire there's no confusion. We offer a one-stop shopping experience. When you buy from Town Fair Tire you get professional, certified service. Installing tires and wheels is very complicated today with all the different types of vehicles on the market. That's why it's best to go with our professionals. If you have a problem you simply come back to us and we'll solve it.
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