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 Why Buy Wheels at Town Fair Tire? 

Shopping for Wheels online can be a very confusing. First you have extra costs for shipping, lugs and locks. Then there are more costs like mounting, balancing and alignment. By the time you pay for all the extra's your great deal just got thrown out the window. Then you'll need to find a qualified installer. And even if you can find someone who has the expertise to mount your new wheels what happens if something goes wrong? Who do you blame? The internet company or the garage? Well, at Town Fair Tire there's no confusion. We offer a one-stop shopping experience. When you buy from Town Fair Tire you get professional, certified service. Installing wheels and tires is very complicated today with all the different types of vehicles on the market. That's why it's best to go with our professionals. If you have a problem you simply come back to us and we'll solve it.

Here's what you get when you buy a wheel package from Town Fair Tire:

Rim Clamp Machine
Town Fair Tire uses State-of-the-art scratch-less mounting equipment that locks onto the wheels inside or back side so as not to mark or scratch the outer surface. As an added protection we use plastic coated slide arms so metal on metal scratches don't occur.

Wheel Balancer
Town Fair uses computerized, high-speed balancers which are calibrated on a regular basis. This ensures the most accurate balance and a smooth and comfortable ride. Our professionals will balance your wheels using specially coated no-mar wheel weights maintaining your wheels original splendor.

DuoColletâ„¢ System
DuoColletâ„¢ System
Town Fair Tire goes well beyond the competition with our centering equipment by Haweka. The DuoColletâ„¢ allows for tolerance free centering while providing unparalleled vibration resistance within the hub. Absolute precision is achieved, by mounting the wheel onto the balancer, the same way the wheel is mounted to the vehicle.

Wheel Lugnuts
Chrome Lugs/Locks/Stems
Town Fair Tire uses the highest quality hardware to compliment the look of your wheels. Each lug nut meets or exceeds stringent specifications for quality and chrome finish ensuring many years of trouble free service.

Whel Torque Sticks
It's standard operating procedure to properly torque lug nuts to manufacturer specification on every car we touch. Proper torque prevents over tightening and will prevent premature rotor failure.

Wheel Mounting & Intallation
Our professionals will install your new wheels on your vehicle checking for proper brake, fender and turning clearances. We guarantee proper fitment.

Hunter Wheel Alignment Machine
Front Wheel Alignment
Town Fair uses State-of-the-art Hunter wheel alignment equipment. You can always count on us to align your car perfectly the first time.
Our technicians go through rigorous training courses and are certified by our staff experts before they go into the field. Each and every tech is trained on all types of vehicles and routinely trains on new equipment and new techniques.
Customer Service
Customer Service
We value our customers. A customer service representative is available by phone at (800)-972-2245 or by email at

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