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Why Buy Tires At Town Fair Tire?
Shopping for tires online can be a very confusing experience. First you have the extra cost for shipping. Then there are more costs like mounting, balancing and alignment. By the time you pay for all the extra's your great deal just got thrown out the window.

Then you'll need to find a qualified installer. And even if you can find someone who has the expertise to mount your new tires what happens if something goes wrong? Who do you blame? The internet company or the garage?

Well, at Town Fair Tire there's no confusion. We offer a one-stop shopping experience. When you buy from Town Fair Tire you get professional, certified service. If you ever have a problem you simply come back to us and we'll solve it.

So...why should you buy tires at Town Fair Tire? Simply put...the other guys price is "in-your-trunk" price, Town Fair Tires price is "on-your-car" price!

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30 Day Test Ride
Nationwide Warranty
Lifetime Flat Repair
Lifetime Tire Rotation
Lifetime Snow Tire Changeover
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