Top 10 Best Tires For Summer Road Trips

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Best Summer Tires for Hot Weather

There are few things better than a good old fashioned family road trip. A symbol of independence and personal freedom, road trips have become a time honored tradition responsible for transforming our mobile society and shaping the fabric of our modern culture. You know the drill, dad’s driving, and it’s up to mamma to keep everyone sane (and happy) to avoid the inevitable choruses of, “Are we there yet?”.

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We know everyone’s excited to hop in the car for a fun road trip. However, planning, preparation and organization are vital to ensuring safe travels. While it's important to make sure we have the right vehicle for our families - Do we pay attention to the best tires for our family?

Before your epic road trip begins, let’s get to the good stuff below and tell you all about the best tires that will offer ultimate safety for all your summer road trip needs.


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✔ We are introducing the 10 best rated Summer tires that provide a comfortable, quiet ride and have good wear resistance. In addition, offer high aquaplaning resistance and short dry and wet braking distance.

10. Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2

dunlop sport maxx rt2

SP Sport Maxx tires feature Dunlop's optimized blend of silica and high-structured carbon black tread compound molded into a directional tread design that features large, independent shoulder blocks, Hydro-Paddle intermediate ribs and a stable continuous center rib.

These features work together to keep more of the tire on more of the road more of the time, improving water drainage and maintaining constant road contact to impart more responsive handling, wet driving control and high-speed stability.

Features & Benefits

  • Evolutionary Tread compound, with traction resin based on gum resin for maximum grip on wet and dry roads

  • Large outer shoulder blocks for enhanced cornering grip compared to its predecessor.

  • Short-braking blocksto reduce braking distances, especially at high speeds.
  • Ultra-tensile breaker cord providing enhanced road feedback and steering precision.

9. Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position

Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position

For all-around performance, the Bridgestone Potenza S-04 Pole Position is one of the best. It delivers well-rounded performance with precision steering and excellent cornering grip. Bridgestone has also engineered this tire to be one of the more quiet UHP tires available today.

Drawing on vast experience in premier motorsports and partnerships with some of the world's finest automakers, the Potenza S-04 Pole Position will help you unleash your high-performance vehicle's full potential.

A silica-rich performance compound molded into an advanced asymmetric tread pattern delivers confident wet and dry performance. The continuous interlocking center rib and large stiff outer shoulder blocks contribute to enhanced responsiveness and cornering.

Features & Benefits

  • Silica Enriched Tread Compound supports enhanced wet and dry traction.

  • Large Stiff Outside Shoulder Blocks helps improve steering response.

  • Wide Circumferential Grooves improve wet traction and hydroplaning resistance.

  • Renoa Silencer Grooves minimizes pattern noise.

8. Falken Azenis FK510

falken azenis fk510

The Azenis FK510 is an excellent tire for everyone that wants high levels of grip and responsive handling on the road. 4D Nano Design enables Falken engineers to optimize new high-performance compounds at the molecular level, enhancing both wear and wet weather traction.

Featuring hybrid undertread materials, the FK510 delivers confidence-inspiring handling and stability. The FK510 covers a wide range of today’s luxury sport vehicles, including staggered applications, and is available in sizes ranging from 17 to 21-inch at an economical price point.

The best thing about it is the low price – you're saving a lot more for a set of four tires when compared to premium products.

Features & Benefits

  • Hybrid undertread cap ply provides added rigidity and high-speed stability through the use of both aramid and nylon materials..

  • Advanced 4D Nano Design allows the compound to adapt to dry and wet driving conditions, while four circumferential grooves effectively disperse water to resist hydroplaning.

  • Tension Control Technology provides a more flexible middle sidewall area to absorb shock while providing enhanced handling capability.

  • Optimized void ratio and variable sipe depth allow for controlled flexibility while maintaining overall block rigidity, improving both directional stability and vehicle-stopping distances..

7. Hankook Ventus V12 EVO2 K120

hankook ventus v12 evo2

Hankook Ventus V12 EVO2 K120 are designed for sports cars, sporty coupes, and high performance sedans. Designed to deliver impressive traction and handling, Ventus V12 evo2 tires offer comfort and control in warm, dry and wet road conditions.

Its aerodynamic construction incorporates rectangular sidewall dimples that reduce turbulence to minimize road noise and vibrations. The tire further reduces noise through a 5-pitch tread block arrangement and optimized middle block pitch array, ensuring that youll ride quietly at top speeds.

Features & Benefits

  • A high grip silica tread compound features an innovative styrene polymer that lowers tire rolling resistance and enhances vehicle fuel economy without sacrificing dry and wet traction..

  • Circumferential and Aqua jet lateral grooves promote efficient water evacuation from the center of the tire's contact patch to increase hydroplaning resistance.

  • 3-dimensional intermediate ribs are molded into a directional tread design to enhance dry handling and traction.

  • Two wide steel belts are reinforced by two plies of spirally wrapped joint-less nylon.

6. Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3

goodyear f1 asymmetric 3

Goodyear almost always takes place on any Top 10 list and of course, this one is no exception. The Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 is an ultra-high performance summer tire that is engineered to provide highly responsive handling and exhilarating performance. It features a solid center rib and an asymmetric tread pattern for responsive handling and powerful grip in wet and dry conditions.

Some sizes also feature Goodyear’s SoundComfort technology, which delivers a quiet, comfortable ride not normally associated with ultra-high performance tires. If you’re looking for a summer tire that delivers excellent traction and responsive handling, consider the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 .

Features & Benefits

  • Asymmetric Tread Pattern offers powerful traction in turns and enhanced wet traction.

  • Grip-boosting Tread Compound enhances road adhesion for superior traction.

  • Advanced Construction is tuned for ultra high-performance suspension systems.

  • Solid Center Rib helps provide quick response and accurate on-center feel.

5. General G-MAX RS

general gmax rs

A stylish, ultra-high performance tire designed for maximum grip on dry and wet roads giving you the inspiring performance you're looking for. Smart Technologies make anywhere possible by providing exceptional handling rain or shine.

Featuring a solid center rib and wide outside shoulders, the General G-MAX RS ensure rapid steering response and stability in high-speed maneuvers. The G-MAX RS summer tire also has wide circumferential grooves, a directional tread pattern, and a silica-enriched tread compound for confident grip in wet and dry conditions. For great value and thrilling handling, consider the General G-MAX RS.

  • Smartgrip Technology allows strong center grip for crisp steering response, stable shoulder blocks for maximum grip, silica-rich summer compound and directional tread grooves ensure wet grip.

  • Stabilitread Technology shows a larger footprint and optimized pattern stiffness promote even wear.

  • Smartmonitor Technology allows a clear visible in indicator on the tires center rib, when tires wears to 2/32 of tread depth the indicator transforms to read "replace tire" .

  • Directional Tread Design directs water away from tread to avoid hydroplaning.

4. Continental ExtremeContact Sport

continental extreme contact sport

Continental launched the ExtremeContact Sport as a maximum performance enabling summer tire for powerful sport cars, luxury vehicles, and high-performing sedans. Constructed using Continental’s top technology, ExtremeContact Sport makes use of two-ply sidewall construction to provide premium strength, coupled with excellent performance.

The Continental ExtremeContact Sport builds off the original ExtremeContact DW in providing for excellent traction and handling, especially on wet pavement. In fact, for wet grip it is one of the best. You’ll also find seat of your pants like cornering grip and very good tread life.

  • SportPlus Technology for well-rounded maximum performance.

  • Quickview Indicators visually inform drivers to the level tires are performing in dry and wet road conditions.

  • Optimized footprint for even distribution of pressure.

  • +Silane tread compound technology for much-needed grip.

3. BFGoodrich G-Force Sport Comp 2

bfgoodrich g force sport comp 2

With great power comes great responsibility, and BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp2 tires will give you all of the power that you will ever need for your summer driving adventures. Designed for sports cars, sporty coupes, performance sedans, and modern day muscle cars like the Ford Mustang and Hyundai Tiburon, the g-Force Sport Comp2 is just as powerful as it is attractive.

This ultra high performance BFGoodrich summer tire not only gives your vehicle a fresh look, but also complete control on wet and dry roads. You will accelerate faster, corner harder, and brake shorter on these tires, and when all is said and done, the only thing that you will be responsible for is ordering your next set of BFGoodrich g-Force Sport Comp2 tires.

  • The silica-infused COMP-2 compound is derived from racing technology that helps deliver sharp steering response along with wet and dry grip without sacrificing tread wear.

  • Directional g-Hook grooves and wide circumferential rain channels help to disperse water for improved hydroplaning resistance.

  • Enhanced tread design with stable shoulder blocks combine better feedback, cornering grip, and straight-line stability.

  • Performance Racing Core (PRC) internal structure which includes twin, high tensile steel belts reinforced by an enhanced system of spirally wound nylon that stabilizes the tread to optimize traction at high speeds, as well as g-Control sidewall inserts to improve lateral stability and cornering precision.

2. Pirelli P Zero

pirelli p zero

A max performance summer tire that doesn't include every summer driving feature is about as pointless as a pencil with an eraser at both ends. Fortunately the Pirelli PZero meets the criteria in full. Designed for powerful sports cars, sporty coupes, and high performance luxury sedans like the Jaguar F-Type and Porsche 911, the Pirelli PZero is built to give drivers total control of their vehicle in all summer driving conditions.

Excellent wet and dry traction, hydroplaning resistance, handling, and tread life, are all crammed into the Pirelli PZero tire, giving you the enhanced sports driving performance that you've been craving for so long.

  • Advanced technological asymmetric design optimizes the footprint for even tread wear, a quiet ride, reduced noise emission, and improved mileage.

  • Three longitudinal grooves provide fast water expulsion for improved safety and control in situations where hydroplaning might be an issue.

  • The outer shoulders with rigid blocks increases lateral rigidity and steering response.

  • Three solid longitudinal ribs with increased pattern stiffness optimize the contact area between the tire and the road for improved braking and traction at high speeds.

1. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S

michelin pilot sport 4s

It’s almost customary to include a Pilot Sport tire on the first place of a best summer tire list, and ours will be no exception.

The Michelin Pilot Sport 4S is arguably the king of all high-performance summer tires. The 4S combines the best features from the Super Sport and race-inspired Sport Cup 2 tires.

The result is exceptional dry and wet traction to go with outstanding cornering grip and stability. Steering is quick and precise like you would expect. If you’re looking for the best of the best, this is it. Hands down - The Pilot Sport 4S offers unparalleled driving pleasure.

  • Dynamic response technology continuously adapts to the road for ultra-precise steering, outstanding cornering power and remarkably good tread life for a summer tire.

  • Multi-compound construction delivers unmatched levels of dry and wet grip exactly where you need it.

  • Michelin Total Performance overcomes the usual tradeoff of wear for grip to deliver both incredible traction and improved tread life. Added miles of exhilarating drives with 9% better tread life compared to the Michelin Pilot Super Sport.

  • Premium Design and Rim ProtectorA dark velvet effect on the external sidewall combined with a deep rim protector guards against light wheel damage.

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