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The g-Force R1S was developed for drivers who yearn to run their fastest times in a majority of events. The g-Force R1S come to temperature quickly and provide more grip in cooler temperatures.

g-Force™ R1™S

The DOT-approved track tires that take winning as seriously as you do. The g-Force™ R1™ S was designed for quicker warm-up, auto crossing, and sprint racing.

•Easy to drive at the grip limit
Specialized tread compound with a predictable and consistent grip character that's easy to drive at the limit and inspires confidence for the quickest lap times.1

•Razor-sharp steering response
g-Control sidewall inserts generate tremendous corning force with excellent driver feedback.2

•Competition Ready
Minimal break-in required; molded at 4/32-inch tread depth; no shaving required.

Quick warmup
Softer compound on R1S warms up quicker for high performance during autocross, cold temperature tracks, and spring racing.


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