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The g-Force R1 is BFGoodrich's legal racing tire that has been developed for road race and endurance race performance. The g-force offers dry grip and extended wear in hotter temperatures by simply taking longer to heat up. However, this tire is not well suited for cool days or highway use.
Benefit: One second faster laps than the competition on a 1 mile road course.* (*Test conducted at the Michelin LPG facility)
Feature: g-Control™ sidewall inserts generate tremendous cornering force with excellent driver feedback

Benefit: Helps to turn your fastest laps.
Feature: Predictable grip inspires confidence and helps lower your lap times.

Benefit: Predictable grip character that's easy to drive at the limit, and confidence inspiring for the quickest lap times in amateur road race competition.
Feature: Easy to drive at the grip limit

Benefit: Can be used at different wheel postions and rotated in both directions, to maximize tread life for the most possible laps at the race track.
Feature: Symmetric, non-directional tread design

Benefit: Minimal break-in required. Molded to 4/32nds of an inch tread depth. No shaving required.
Feature: Competition ready

Benefit: Split second steering response and precise turn-in enable precision at the track.
Feature: Razor sharp steering response

Benefit: The g-Force R1 tread compound offers quick warm-up, superior cornering power and consistent grip lap after lap.
Feature: Best in R1 DOT street legal class dry grip

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There are no reviews for this tire.

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