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Doral Tires are an affordable private label tire made by the Sumitomo brand in Indonesia. They enjoy a well-earned reputation for combining performance and dependability at a value price. Doral tires adapt extremely well to almost any car and driving style. A wonderful alternative for those not willing to shell out a ton of money for popular name brand options. They will provide solid all-season traction and long wear life without breaking the bank.

Doral tires are classified as an economy all-season tire owned by the Treadways Corporation, a subsidiary of TBC Corp. They are one of North America's largest marketers for private-brand tires. Besides Doral, Treadways marketed brands include Sumitomo, Telstar, Eldorado, and Jetson. Doral tires are considered to be a performance alternative tire, balancing affordability and high value.

At Town Fair Tire, one of our more popular tires is the Doral SDL series. The Doral SDL is an all-season tire engineered to resist tread wear and deliver excellent traction year round. The SDL range includes steel belts and a polyester cord body to ensure long wear and responsive all-season durability. Nylon caps encompassing the casing of the tire protect against penetrations that could cause flats.

Doral provides a wide selection of tires for cars, utility vehicles, and light trucks. They also make tires for the most popular sizes and tread designs. Whatever the application, Doral radial tires are backed by a commitment to leave you with peace of mind.

A major difference between the Doral tire versus competing brands is their unique mix of precision engineering and wear. Adding up to a premium range tire perfect for any value-conscious consumer not wishing to sacrifice quality and price. For those who need a budget tire, we highly recommend Doral. For these reasons, Doral has built a solid base of satisfied users over the years.

Reliable performance and long tread-life are key elements for Today’s average tire consumer. The alluring price point of Doral tires is what makes them a Town Fair Tire best seller. So, if you are in the market for a set of tires, look no further than Doral Tires. Manufactured by a trusted brand in Sumitomo, at an affordable price that will exceed your expectations.

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