Studless Winter Snow

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Active Traction Sipe System™
- Central-block ""pulling"" sipes help provide performance, traction and braking in ice and snow
- Intermediate block sipes help provide enhanced lateral handling and control in wet and slushy conditions
- Shoulder area 3D sipes help provide enhanced grip on snow and ice, shoulder stbility and excellent dry handling

Directional tread design
Enhances wet handling and deep-water performance

Multi-Radius Tread Technology™
Helps deliver superb dry handling while maintaining wet handling

Jointless Band Technology™
Helps maintain the tire's shape and enables smooth performance at highway speeds

Tread low in compound aromatic oils
Environmentally friendly compound

Tread processed with reactive silica
Aids elasticity at lower temperatures while maintaining enhanced road contact and traction

What is DSST®?
DSST stands for Dunlop Self-Supporting Technology. This is a tire technology that allows driving to continue under certain conditions, even after a loss of tire pressure. DSST tires incorporate special reinforcements into the tire, which allows the tire to support the weight of the vehicle for up to 50 miles at speeds up to 55 mph.

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There are no reviews for this tire.

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