Highway All-Season

Overall Rating (8.9)

There are more Light Truck and SUV's on the road today than passenger cars. These vehicles demand more from there tires. The Falken Wildpeak HT is ready to meet these demands. The Wildpeak HT provides durability, stability, traction and comfort in any weather condition.

Features & Benefits:

  • 4 Circumferential Grooves = Effectively evacuates water and reduces hydroplaning
  • Multi-Wave Lateral Sipes = Enhances wet traction & increases all-season performance
  • Variable Pitch Shoulder Design = Reduces road noise
Noise 6.5
Ride 9.0
Tread-wear 10.0
Cornering Stability 9.0
Dry Traction 9.0
Steering Response 9.0
Hydro-planing 9.0
Wet Traction 9.0
Deep Snow 8.0
Ice 8.0
Light Snow 8.0

Independent Tire Reviews By Customers

Date: 12/16/2014 Review's Overall Rating: 10.0
2010 Mercury Mariner Base
Miles Driven 0
Driving Condition Combined Highway / City
Driving Style Average
Comments Well since I have just purchase these tires I have yet to drive them in the snow but so far the tires are great!
Comfort Category
Noise 10.0
Ride 10.0
Tread-wear 10.0
Comfort Category
Hydro-planing 10.0
WetTraction 10.0
Comfort Category
CorneringStability 10.0
DryTraction 10.0
SteeringResponse 10.0
Date: 3/9/2015 Review's Overall Rating: 7.7
2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Classic LT
Miles Driven 1000
Driving Condition Combined Highway / City
Driving Style Average
Comments Very satisfied with this tire so far . Good value for the price . Just as good a tire as more expensive name brand tires I have purchased before would not hesitate to by again
Comfort Category
Noise 3.0
Ride 8.0
Tread-wear 10.0
Comfort Category
Hydro-planing 8.0
WetTraction 8.0
Comfort Category
CorneringStability 8.0
DryTraction 8.0
SteeringResponse 8.0
Comfort Category
DeepSnow 8.0
Ice 8.0
LightSnow 8.0