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Since its inception in 1959, Nankang Tires have been designed not only to meet, but to exceed today’s demanding driving needs. Performance, technology, and quality-assured engineering are built into every tire. Through innovation and ingenuity, Nankang consistently creates tires that offer style, handling, safety, traction, durability, and reliability at a great value. Performance enthusiasts looking for a smooth, steady, quiet ride from a trusted name in tires need look no further. No matter what you drive, get the most out of your vehicle with Nankang Tires. 

Nankang tires are also created to fit a wide variety of vehicles and applications. Town Fair Tire’s selection of Nankang tires are offered in a bevy of sizes, making it easier to choose the perfect set of rubber for your ride. 

There are tires that are average in price, and there are those that can be considered dirt cheap. Nankang tires are in the middle of the range. You can still find cheaper alternatives in the market, but you can expect to pay less for a brand new set of Nankang high-performance tires. Nankang tires are endowed with sporty and aggressive tread designs. Case in point the Nankang AS-1 and the NS-1. 

The former is equipped with a hybrid directional tread design while the latter boasts an asymmetrical tread pattern. It’s no secret that the right set of tires can either make or break the styling of your vehicle, so it’s good to know that Nankang tires provide a sporty aesthetic at an affordable price. 

Nankang A/T tires are classified as an all-terrain tire for on and off road adventures. They feature enhanced wet traction with large grooves that evacuate water and dirt. Comprised with a silica rubber compound for enhanced grip and traction. The aggressive shoulder designs also provide that rugged look and feel for extra off road traction. Backed by a 50,000 mile treadwear warranty and built in popular truck and SUV sizes, check out A/T tires by Nankang.

Indulge in a quiet, comfortable ride with Nankang tires. The brand offers all the benefits you'd expect from a high quality tire and uses an all-season tread pattern to deliver excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces. Whether in the city or out in the country, Nankang tires are designed to perform. 

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