Grand Touring All-Season

Overall Rating (7.4)

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Control and traction assured on any road condition .

• Maximum Water Expulsion
• Blocks for High Stability & Reduced Road Noise
• Excellent Dry Handling & Braking Stability
• Extra Low Rolling Resistance (ELRR) System: Flexibility, Smoothness & Fuel Savings
Noise 7.0
Ride 7.5
Tread-wear 5.0
Cornering Stability 7.0
Dry Traction 8.0
Steering Response 7.0
Hydro-planing 7.0
Wet Traction 7.0
Deep Snow 7.0
Ice 6.0
Light Snow 7.0

Independent Tire Reviews By Customers

Date: 11/18/2015 Review's Overall Rating: 8.0
2012 Audi A5 Cabriolet
Miles Driven 3000
Driving Condition Combined Highway / City
Driving Style Average
Comments I like the tires just fine. More important, I appreciate the service and guidance I get from the team. If they told me they thought I should buy xxx brand because they were a good value and safe, I would do it because I trust them.
Comfort Category
Ride 8.0
Date: 9/27/2014 Review's Overall Rating: 6.8
2009 Audi A4 Quattro Base (245/45R17 95 H 8x17)
Miles Driven 1200
Driving Condition Combined Highway / City
Driving Style Average
Comments My car has had these tires since day 1 and I now have a total of 70,000 miles on the car so I have a good reading of their performance. Frankly, I have purchased them again just out of convenience. They aren't particularly good or bad tires, I think maybe just slightly above average. I see a performance drop off within months of use. Tread wear is rather rapid, especially on the front tires which last 32,000 miles on front, slightly more miles on rear. Noise increases dramatically with wear. Handling is OK. They have been decent in our CT winters when combined with Audi Quattro and same winter driving techniques and speed.
Comfort Category
Noise 7.0
Ride 7.0
Tread-wear 5.0
Comfort Category
Hydro-planing 7.0
WetTraction 7.0
Comfort Category
CorneringStability 7.0
DryTraction 8.0
SteeringResponse 7.0
Comfort Category
DeepSnow 7.0
Ice 6.0
LightSnow 7.0