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We know searching for a new set of tires for your vehicle can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. We want all our potential customers to make an educated purchase and feel confident with their selection. We have been collecting independent customer reviews since 2008, so you can learn from the community's knowledge and experiences about a particular tire before you buy.

Tire You're Reviewing
falken azenis fk510 245/35R20Y

Tire Make: FALKEN

Tire Model: AZENIS FK510

Tire Size: 245/35R20Y

Please choose a number from 10 to 1 to describe how you feel about your tire's performance in the categories listed below (10 = Superior, 1 = Unacceptable).

Comfort Category
Ride Comfort
Smoothness/ride comfort
Noise Level
Noise level and tone
Quickness of wear
Wet Category
Hydroplaning Resistance
Resistance to hydroplaning
Wet Traction
Wet traction performance
Dry Category
Cornering Stability
Tire's stability when cornering
Dry Traction
Dry traction performance
Steering Responsiveness
Steering responsiveness
Winter/Snow Category
Light Snow Traction
Tire's stability in snow
Deep Snow Traction
Tire's stability in deep snow
Ice Traction
Tire's stability on Ice

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