Fun Tire Obstacle Courses

Tire Obstacle Course

Autumn is the perfect time to create new family memories together. As the leaves begin to change, we welcome cooler weather in anticipation for winter’s chill. That doesn’t mean it’s time to go into hibernation just yet. With around 4 weeks left in the fall, there’s still tons of outdoor fun to be had.

My children love playing outdoors. Now that they’re getting bigger and stronger, I’m constantly wondering “How can I challenge them in a FUN way?” That’s when it hit me. At work there are so many old tires just lying around and what better way to tap into the minds of children then an obstacle course made of recycled tires? So I am happy to announce that we now have our own Ninja Warrior themed obstacle course in our backyard. The perfect obstacle course should be challenging, silly, and easily deconstructed or reconstructed. But, most importantly, it should be safe. Here are some ideas to get you started on your own backyard obstacle course:

When picking your tires, there are TONS of different sizes. My tire obstacle course has everything from size 185/60R14 (great for smaller kids) to light truck tires size 275/60R20 only because the kids are getting bigger and need more of a challenge. I recommend having a variety of tires on hand, as you may find different sizes are needed for different activities like wider sports tires size 225/40R18 or even 235/50R18.

Regardless, your obstacle course can be larger or smaller depending on the number of tires you have. Here’s a tip - Prime and paint the tires so they won’t crack. Try to paint each tire a different color in order to make the course visually interesting for your kids. Once the tires are completely dry you can design your course layout. Try to create a pattern where the kids will have to crawl, climb, and even jump over the tires. A simple way to enhance a variety of basic motor skills.

Tire Obstacle Course

Other benefits of obstacle courses can teach your child to sequence a multi-step activity that challenges their memory. Multiple activities within the obstacle course can provide opportunities to build your child’s strength.

Physical activity doesn't have to be a chore for you or your children. The hype of an obstacle course alone can help encourage your child to be more physically active. Here are some exercises I incorporated into my own obstacle course:

Obstacle Course Exercises

  • Roll the tire
  • Roll the tire up and down hills – Take the rolling challenge up a notch by incorporating a hill.
  • Walk The Plank – Very good for balance.
  • High Stepping – Set up a series of tires and have your kid bunny hop through them.
  • Pulling the tire – Good for building strength.
  • Crawling – Stand the tire up and have them crawl through the open circle.
  • Race – Have you children race to see who can complete all the obstacles first. All for the enjoyment of friendly competition.
Tire Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are a great way for your kids to burn off excess energy and enjoy every bit of outdoor fun before winter rolls in. If they ever get tired of the same old course, change the theme or course layout. In the end, not only is it satisfying to watch your kids challenge themselves but also to watch them enjoy something you built with recycled tires.


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