Town Fair Tire Of Branford, CT

Town Fair Tire first opened this store in Branford back in 1972. We have been servicing the Branford area since then with excellent customer service. Check out our customer reviews.

Branford, CT

Town Fair Tire Branford, CT
1018 West Main St
Branford , CT 06405

Monday: 7:45am-7pm

Tuesday-Friday: 7:45am-6pm

Saturday: 7:45am-4pm

Sunday: Closed

Store Reviews for Branford, Connecticut

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5/22/2017 8:51:14 AM

flat tire on a Saturday

I experienced a flat tire on a Saturday morning. I called my local Town Fair tire. I was able to get a 11:30 appoint. I got there early ~ 11:00. I was promptly greeted, my information taken, the car looked at and directed to drive it to the rear. Not ever 30 minutes later, my tire was repaired and returned to me. Only charge - stem valve replacement. Awesome service and peopole.

Shelly A

5/21/2017 2:24:40 PM

Unexpected Perfection

I typically like to search online to get the best deals and, while the reps at are great, I got more bang for my buck getting the tires I wanted for less. I paid ~$500, for the tires alone when I purchased elsewhere. The $500 I spent at town fair included an alignment and balancing.

I was sceptical of going to any store, period, but especially town fair. Everyone says they have low prices, but I was expecting to be dragged along the store "oh these are our best tires, don't buy the ones you want" "you paid what before? oh, well THESE tires are better, so you'll have to pay more." No. the rep, Hardy, that I worked with at the Town Fair in Branford, CT, heard everything I had to say and then showed me a few tires. I expressed they weren't what I was looking for, and he found a solution that was right for me, not a solution that would be profitable for the company.

They were flexible in their scheduling, and when it came time to get my tires replaced, there were a few tires I wanted to keep, and a few tires I wanted on different wheels, my order wasn't as easy as popping new tires on everything. I had explained this to a completely different rep, who had never worked with me, and Anthony heard what I had to say, and got it right the first time. To be honest, getting it right the first time seems to be a harder and harder thing to come by these days. Even after all was said and done, I had to run to an appointment and had to leave my car on site for a few hours before I could come back. They had it ready and waiting for me right up front when I got back.

Everyone I spoke to at the Branford, CT location was fantastic, the pricing was right, they listen to their customers, and they get the job done.

I walked in expecting to be treated like a walking wallet, ended up leaving as a person that now swears by Town Fair's quality of service.

Gregory G.