Town Fair Tire Of Brockton, MA

Town Fair Tire first opened this store in Brockton back in 2003. We have been servicing the Brockton area since then with excellent customer service. Check out our customer reviews.

Brockton, MA

Town Fair Tire Brockton, MA
345 Westgate Drive
Brockton , MA 02301

Monday: 7:45am-7pm

Tuesday-Friday: 7:45am-6pm

Saturday: 7:45am-4pm

Sunday: Closed

Store Reviews for Brockton, Massachusetts

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10/4/2017 8:40:58 AM

Good service but....

Good service but....
I was a little put off because I went in 3 days before to get a quote for 4 tires. I was asked a series of question about my car. I was quoted a price and made an appointment. Once I got there turns out I was given the wrong information regarding the tires. I ended up spending more then I had anticipated. I did get the tires I needed. The person who help me was very friendly and I trusted what he said. The person who actually did the work told me what he did and why. I did appreciate that. Overall I would probably go back.


9/11/2017 9:35:35 AM

The only thing that they really don't …

The only thing that they really don't do well is honor time appointments, even with an appointment, if you're not there when they open, your appointment is treated as first come, first serve. Other than that, customer service was great.