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The Conti Sport Contact 2 tires are designed for powerful sports cars, coupes, and luxurious performance sedans like the Chevy Cobalt and Audi A3, Conti Sport Contact 2 tires are the complete maximum summer performance package.

Excellent traction, braking, and handling on both dry and wet roads will leave you feeling confident every time you get behind the wheel. Although these summer tires are not intended to be driven in cold weather, Continental Conti Sport Contact 2 tires will allow you to live in the present moment all summer long, and love every second of it.

Features and Benefits
  • The Conti Sport Contact 2 features Continental's bionic tread compound technology molded into an asymmetric design that enhances steering response and precision while the tire's continuous ribs provide the circumferential stiffness to transmit driving and braking forces.
  • Continuous circumferential tread grooves between the ribs help to disperse water to resist hydroplaning.
  • The tire's internal structure features Continental's Advanced Mold Contour (AMC). This allows the tire to become wider during braking to help shorten stopping distances.
  • The Conti Sport Contact 2 features twin steel belts that are reinforced by nylon to stabilize the tread area and enhance handling as well as high-speed capability.


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There are no reviews for this tire.

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