Grand Touring Summer

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Maximum wet braking while improving mileage due to Safety Silica Compounds. Extended driving convenience updated by the comfort-optimized performance footprint. Sporty driving in every car thanks to handling-optimized pattern design.

Features & Benefits: 

Maximum Wet Braking while Improving Mileage Due to Safety Silica Compounds.
- The crystal silica composition enables superior braking performance in terms of wet road conditions. 

Extended Driving Convenience Updated by the Comfort-optimized Performance Footprint.
- Wear-optimized polymer blend provides an outstanding improvement of more than 15% in mileage performance. 
- Smooth pattern stiffness improves driving comfort and mileage, and lowers the exterior noise.

Sporty Driving in Every Car Thanks to Handling-Optimized pattern Design.
- Advanced macro-block design ensures maximum control and cornering stability.
- Asymmetric rib geometry provides a better grip under the effect of lateral forces.

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There are no reviews for this tire.

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