On and Off Road All Terrain

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Continental Terrain Contact A/T

All-Terrain Tire


The Conti Terrain Contact A/T is the first All-Terrain tire from Continental Tire.  This tire will be ideal for lighter trucks and SUV’s and able to support tow rigs.  It provides a quieter ride and proves to handle On- and Off-Road traction.


Features and Benefits:


Aggressive Tread

With gripping teeth, full-depth sipes and a strong tread shoulder work together, providing a better traction in light slush and snow.


Traction Plus with Noise Blockers

The open tread pattern features large blocks and pattern-shifting noise blockers, making a tread design that improves stability and grip as well as providing a quieter ride.


+Silane Compound

This specialized compound increases traction when driving on wet road conditions.

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There are no reviews for this tire.

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