Light Truck/SUV Studdable Winter Snow

Overall Rating (7.9)

Winterforce LT is designed to get you to your destination-regardless of the weather conditions. With its inventive directional tread design, this standout tire in the Firestone line provides great traction on snow, ice and in wet conditions, delivering performance you can count on.
Noise 6.7
Ride 8.7
Tread-wear 7.3
Cornering Stability 8.0
Dry Traction 9.0
Steering Response 8.7
Hydro-planing 7.7
Wet Traction 7.3
Deep Snow 7.7
Ice 6.7
Light Snow 9.0

Independent Tire Reviews By Customers

Date: 12/28/2017 Review's Overall Rating: 8.5
2000 Chevrolet S10 LS RWD
Miles Driven 200
Driving Condition Combined Highway/City
Driving Style Average
Comments I like the tires and i would buy them again
Comfort Category
Noise 9.0
Ride 9.0
Tread-wear 9.0
Comfort Category
Hydro-planing 9.0
WetTraction 8.0
Comfort Category
CorneringStability 9.0
DryTraction 9.0
SteeringResponse 9.0
Comfort Category
DeepSnow 7.0
Ice 6.0
LightSnow 9.0
Date: 11/29/2015 Review's Overall Rating: 8.2
2006 Ford F-350 Super Duty Select Option
Miles Driven 35000
Driving Condition Combined Highway / City
Driving Style Average
Comments Good tire but very noisy even on my diesel truck. If it were not for the noise, I would buy again.
Comfort Category
Noise 3.0
Ride 9.0
Tread-wear 8.0
Comfort Category
Hydro-planing 8.0
WetTraction 8.0
Comfort Category
CorneringStability 8.0
DryTraction 10.0
SteeringResponse 9.0
Comfort Category
DeepSnow 9.0
Ice 8.0
LightSnow 10.0
Date: 10/8/2019 Review's Overall Rating: 7.0
2014 Ram 2500 Laramie
Miles Driven 20000
Driving Condition Combined Highway/City
Driving Style Fast
Comments Winterforce are great tires for snow in lighter applications, light cars and trucks. Once you get to the heavy duty truck tires the design has been modified to allow for the weight rating. Stiping and shoulders have been modified. I was shocked at how quiet they are on dry pavement compared to the lighter tires. My Honda Civic is noisier going down the road than my 2500. It shows in snow too. They handle well and ride nicer on dry pavement than the summer tires I took off. Also on these heavy duty tires once you get to half life wear another strength gusset shows in the tread design. Greatly reducing snow handling once again at the point you need it most. I’ll continue to use winterforce on cars etc. they are very noisy on cars but grip like crazy. On the bigger truck I’ll be searching for something different
Comfort Category
Noise 8.0
Ride 8.0
Tread-wear 5.0
Comfort Category
Hydro-planing 6.0
WetTraction 6.0
Comfort Category
CorneringStability 7.0
DryTraction 8.0
SteeringResponse 8.0
Comfort Category
DeepSnow 7.0
Ice 6.0
LightSnow 8.0

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