Standard Touring All-Season

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The new KINERGY ST is designed as a Standard Touring All-Season tire for all on-road conditions.

Features and Benefits:

  • Optimized block stiffness ensures enhanced performance and tread uniformity for improved handling performance and mileage
  • Abrasion resistance tread compound improves abrasion resistance
  • Jointless full cover reinforced belt optimizes strength to improve tread stability even at high speed
  • Wide 2 steel belts improve tread stiffness for better handling / bragging performance
  • Parallel carcass line stiffens sidewall and minimize sidewall deformation
  • Belt folded edge tape Increases belt performance and stability
  • High-stiffness bead fill sidewall for improved steering response
  • Strong joint-less bead wire enhances bead uniformity

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There are no reviews for this tire.

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