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Hold your ground with the Michelin Pilot Sport PS3 tire. On both wet and dry roads, this tire stops shorter than the competition, grips the road to enhance acceleration, and delivers precise steering response for a thrilling driving experience. Add fuel efficiency and extended mileage, and the Pilot Sport PS3 will satisfy all of your performance needs for years to come.

Benefits of This Tire:

Green Power Compound – a rubber formula that includes silica particles that is designed for good wet grip. Silica helps reduce heat build up.

Anti Surf System – a specially shaped shoulder that evacuates large volumes of water. It reduces risk of hydroplaning.

Programmed Distortion Tire – improves steering precision while at the same time increasing tread life. It keeps the rubber tread at an optimal temperature in all circumstances. At low speeds, the tread heats up quickly to attain the level of flexibility required for good traction. At high speeds, it stiffens to prevent excessive temperature build-up

There are no ratings for this tire.

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There are no reviews for this tire.

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