Highway All-Season

Overall Rating (7.9)

The Dura Grappler® is a highway terrain tire that provides a combination of tread life and ride comfort. The Dura Grappler® is suitable for a wide variety of light trucks, SUVs and CUVs. It is also available in popular'E' load range, heavy-duty LT sizes for today's demanding diesel trucks. All P-Metric sizes in the Dura Grappler® line come with a 5-rib pattern. Whether you're working on a construction site or towing your toys, the Dura Grappler® was designed to meet your needs.

45,000-mile limited treadwear warranty for Dura-Belt® sizes*
60,000-mile limited treadwear warranty for P-Metric/Metric sizes
Noise 9.0
Ride 9.0
Tread-wear 8.0
Cornering Stability 7.0
Dry Traction 8.0
Steering Response 7.0
Hydro-planing 10.0
Wet Traction 9.0
Deep Snow 7.0
Ice 5.0
Light Snow 8.0

Independent Tire Reviews By Customers

Date: 12/14/2018 Review's Overall Rating: 7.9
2007 Dodge Sprinter 2500 Base
Miles Driven 55000
Driving Condition Combined Highway/City
Driving Style Average
Comments I have used these tires for a corporate delivery vehicle (Dodge Sprinter & now a Nissan NV2500). I am limited to choosing an all-season tire that has a load "E" rating. I carry 2000+ lb payload day in & out in all weather conditions in New England and travel 26,000 miles/yr (all city & highway, no off-road or gravel). The tire are excellent in rain, acceptable in up to 4-5" of snow. The Nitto's have low road noise and rolling resistance. The only negative is that sidewalls could be stiffer. Things tend to get a little squirrelly if you have to swerve while driving down the highway. I'm just starting my 3rd set of these tires. Dura Grapplers are huge improvement over the Cooper Discovery that were on the Sprinter and a smaller improvement over the Firestone Transforce that just came off the Nissan.
Comfort Category
Noise 9.0
Ride 9.0
Tread-wear 8.0
Comfort Category
Hydro-planing 10.0
WetTraction 9.0
Comfort Category
CorneringStability 7.0
DryTraction 8.0
SteeringResponse 7.0
Comfort Category
DeepSnow 7.0
Ice 5.0
LightSnow 8.0

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