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Pirelli P Zero Corsa

Extreme Performance

Summer Tire


In association with leading vehicle manufacturers in the high-performance sector, the Pirelli P Zero Corsa was developed for sports cars destined on and off the track. 


Features and Benefits


·        Ultimate handling performance at high speed driving - Thanks to a new bead construction coming from F1 experience

·        Superior aquaplaning safety reserve - Due to wide longitudinal grooves

·        Tire weight reduction - Innovative materials for excellent rolling resistance performance

·        Constant performance level throughout the duration of tire life - Thanks to a new flat tire profile


Tire Details


Customized Inner Tread Design

·         Excellent balance between high speed driving and grip/traction thanks to the dual-compound tread technology.

Customized Outer Tread Design

·         Hard handling performance, high speed cornering and impressive lateral acceleration managed by the massive tread blocks on the shoulder and the central continuous rib.

Customized Tread Compound Solutions

·         Motorsport derived materials for improved resistance to high thermos-mechanical stress.

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There are no reviews for this tire.

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