Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season

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Premium Touring SUV/CUV Performance!
The smart choice for SUV and CUV drivers seeking a tire that's tough enough to handle heavy loads while still delivering dependable year-round performance.

Features & Benefits:


- 3D zig zag sipes boost block stability and reduce irregular wear, while creating more biting edges and improving winter performance.
- Optimized contact patch distributes road surface pressure evenly to provide extended tire life.
- Cross-designed chamfer boosts traction and grip for better winter and wet-surface performance.
- Bending sipe technology creates rigidity in center block to maintain stability, while providing crisp highway response and driving characteristics.
Outside shoulder blocks enhanced with integral lateral grooves to provide better wet handling and reduce road noise.


Newly-developed, advanced tread compound for superior traction.
Jointless nylon cap ply for stable high-speed handling.
High-rigidity steel belts for durability and car stability.
Reinforced bead apex for cornering strength and high-speed stability.
High density casing ply for extended durability.

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There are no reviews for this tire.

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