Grand Touring All-Season

Overall Rating (8.3)

The HTR Enhance LX2 is an all-season touring tire with a high-comfort ride that's designed for a variety of road conditions and features.

Features & Benefits:

3D Zig Zag Sipes = boost stability, reduce irregular wear, create more biting edges

Enhanced Outside Should Blocks = integral lateral grooves improves wet handling

Optimized Contact Patch = distributes road surface pressure evenly to extend tire life

Advanced Tread Compound = provides superior traction

High-rigidity steel belts = increases stability

Noise 9.0
Ride 9.0
Tread-wear 8.0
Cornering Stability 8.0
Dry Traction 9.0
Steering Response 9.0
Hydro-planing 8.0
Wet Traction 8.0
Deep Snow 8.0
Ice 6.0
Light Snow 9.0

Independent Tire Reviews By Customers

Date: 3/23/2019 Review's Overall Rating: 8.3
2014 Nissan Quest SL
Miles Driven 1000
Driving Condition Mostly City
Driving Style Average
Comments Smooth, quiet, decent in the rain and better than expected in light snow. Too early to tell what treadlife will be, but overall very happy with this purchase, especially for the price and included 2- year roadside assistance direct from Sumitomo.
Comfort Category
Noise 9.0
Ride 9.0
Tread-wear 8.0
Comfort Category
Hydro-planing 8.0
WetTraction 8.0
Comfort Category
CorneringStability 8.0
DryTraction 9.0
SteeringResponse 9.0
Comfort Category
DeepSnow 8.0
Ice 6.0
LightSnow 9.0