High Performance All-Season

Overall Rating (9.0)

"Generation S" Silica-Reinforced, High-Grip Tread Compound
Increased silica in tread compound improves wet performance while providing excellent dry performance.

Unique "W-Shape" Tread Pattern
Aggressive, modern design provides a good balance between wet traction and dry performance.

High Angle Tread Grooves
Evacuate water to improve wet traction.

Curving Center Rib
Enhances directional stability.

Multi-Wave Sipes
Minimize irregular wear for a smooth, quiet ride. Increased all-season traction.
Noise 9.0
Ride 9.0
Cornering Stability 9.0
Dry Traction 10.0
Steering Response 8.0
Hydro-planing 9.0
Wet Traction 9.0

Independent Tire Reviews By Customers

Date: 11/6/2016 Review's Overall Rating: 9.0
2009 BMW 328i xDrive Base 17" option
Miles Driven 3000
Driving Condition Combined Highway / City
Driving Style Average
Comments Really like these tires. I came off of Continental Run flats and was worried these would be too soft. Still softer than run flat continentals but stiffer than the conti dsw06 that I tried. U will like this tire..
Comfort Category
Noise 9.0
Ride 9.0
Comfort Category
Hydro-planing 9.0
WetTraction 9.0
Comfort Category
CorneringStability 9.0
DryTraction 10.0
SteeringResponse 8.0