Off Road Maximum Traction

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The all new off-road mud and terrain combatant, introducing the GEOLANDAR X-MT G005. With uncompromising sidewall protection, severe traction and enduring tread life, unleash the way through all terrain and dominate the trails like never before.

Benefits & Features:
QUIETER RIDE: An advanced variable pitch tread assures a quiet, on-highway ride while maintaining off-road performance.

- LONG TREAD LIFE: New high harness compound provides exceptional wear performance and better handling.

OFF-ROAD DURABILITY: Aggressive Sidewall Armor - creates a bold, aggressive look while delivering off-road traction and protection from damage.

ON/OFF-ROAD TRACTIONIdeal block-to-void ratio provides outstanding off-road grip and shorter stopping distances on wet roads.

There are no ratings for this tire.

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There are no reviews for this tire.

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